Dallas Observer Mixtape with DJ Love: Breakbeat Mix

Frank McCright has just shy of three decades in the DJ game as DJ Love. He has seen every facet of the DJ biz, from the production side in the studio to a front row seat for the infamous ’90s rave scene. Love has benefitted from a depth of experience rarely seen in DJs nowadays. For this week’s Mixtape he delivers an all-vinyl mix of breaks. For the uninitiated in this particular niche genre of dance music, this week’s mixtape is a grade-A primer for a genre that mines as much from classic hip-hop as it does from the dance floor.

DJ Love: DJing came to me as an alternative way to make or manipulate music. I went to my first underground club in 1987. I had heard some dance music, but it was mostly mainstream or radio hits. Once I heard the music being played in clubs like The Edge in Norman, Oklahoma, or The Wreck Room in Oklahoma City, I knew that was the kind of music I wanted to make. I didn’t quite know what it was, I just knew I wanted to make it. The problem was I didn’t have the money to buy gear. I was, however, able to afford to buy the records of the songs I liked. In 1988, I borrowed a Radio Shack mixing board, a belt-driven turntable and a drum machine from a friend. I took the a cappella of Information Society’s “What’s on Your Mind (Pure Energy)” and timed it with a beat I made on the drum box. I recorded it and thought I had made my first “remix.”

What did you do from there?

It then occurred to me that if I could match the tempo of a drum machine to a record, I could probably match the tempos of two records. So, I went to this teen club I frequented called Club Elite in my hometown of Lawton, Oklahoma. I was friends with the DJ and I told him what I discovered. He opened the booth door, put me on the decks and basically just handed me the wheels. Literally, he said he was moving back to Puerto Rico so I could have the job, then turned around and started organizing records. I was totally surprised and nervous, but, lo and behold, I just started mixing. He showed me the crossfader, said, “Wait for the breaks … mix then,” and that was it. It came natural to me. So basically, my first gig was the first time I had ever DJed.

Once you’d started DJing, what did you do?

I DJed from 1988 to 1994 before I actually acquired my own turntables and mixer, which I still have to this day. I spun there for a bit then moved to an R&B club across town playing nothing but new jack swing. During all of this, I kept building my collection of house and electronic music. In 1991 I moved to Norman and started a scene there DJing at a place called Rome XC. It was a bar with two sides. One side had live bands and the other side was a dance club. I was very lucky to get booked in LA for some raves there, so I came back and threw the first documented rave in Oklahoma in October of 1992. With that I built up a following, and with my good friend Patrick Johnson, we took the money from the raves and we remodeled the dance side and named it The Qube. That’s when things really took off.

Different Options for Ensuring a Comfortable Stay in Indonesia

Indonesia is a wonderful holiday destination. People are very skeptical when they think about travelling to Indonesia. However, Indonesia is lot different from its dark history. It is a hidden gem that only few people have understood. In reality, Indonesia is all about beautiful landscapes, beaches, and obviously water sport. From years, this place has been known to be one of the most awesome diving spots. Be it adventure, fun, leisure, party or nature trip, Indonesia has everything in its island for the tourists.

Bali – One of the Famous Asian Tourist Destinations

It ranks as one of the top tourist destinations in Asia. More and more people are getting to know about Indonesia and exploring this exotic location. The biggest attraction in Indonesia is Bali. It is a place, which will fulfill all your travelling needs. Bali attracts maximum tourists’ attention out of other places in Indonesia. This growing hype about Bali has encouraged lot of improvements in the island in favor of tourists.

Budget-Friendly Holiday Options

Bali, being a popular holiday destination, has many budget friendly as well as luxury hotels. It provides option for both kinds of people: those who are looking for high-end luxury resorts and hotels, and others who would like to go with a budget friendly stay. As a wise traveler, you should try to cut down your cost on travelling. Merpati Airlines frequently offers promo tickets to consumers in Indonesia. Grab a nice offer so that you can allocate your savings for booking a nice hotel. Bali is a land with many chains of luxury hotels and resorts. All big names in hotel industry have their presence in Bali. Few names of best resorts are Pita Maha Resort and Spa and Bulgary resort. In the areas where the flow of tourists is more, it is not difficult to find hotels.

Hybrid Culture and Rich Heritage

The culture of Indonesia is very interesting with a hybrid mixture of modern and traditional culture. The Ritzy Manado hotel of Sulawesi is very luxurious. People who want to go deeper to learn the heritage and culture of Indonesia should go to Yogyakarta, which is the oldest city. This city is known for its magnificent heritage structures, buildings, and monuments. Yogyakarta has hotels like Melia Purosani and Hyatt Regency.

Visit to Bandung

Another city that tourists visit during their trip to Indonesia is Bandung. It is one of the most populated cities in Asia. Some very popular luxury hotels like Novotel can be found in Bandung. People also visit Jakarta, which is the capital city and home to many luxury hotels and resorts including Hyatt and Gran Melia.

As mentioned earlier, Indonesia is a very friendly country. No matter what your budget is, you’d be able to certainly find something that fits your bill… However, it’s advisable to book the hotels in advance to get the best deals. Researching online a few days in advance might give you some good deals as well.

The P&P Weekly Playlist on Spotify Highlights the Best New Music

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